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Finnish Sauna

After a day hiking or a rainy afternoon, there is nothing more relaxing and beneficial than a sauna, especially if it’s Finnish! In fact the origin of this type of treatment dates back to the dawn of time! Its birth is in fact associated with the purification rites common to many ancient religions; and its therapeutic and aesthetic qualities were already known in ancient Greece. But it is especially among the Baltic peoples, in particular in Finland, that this practice has spread and has been perfected as the supreme source of well-being. The Finnish sauna in fact, is nothing more than a simple bath of very hot and dry air, which is carried out in a closed environment, where appropriate devices warm and dry the air.

This type of sauna also has extraordinary capacities of relaxation and detoxification, and has positive effects on the mind and body. Nothing is more effective for relieving nervous tensions and sedating anxiety, because the sauna stimulates the natural and global balance of the psychophysical conditions. But what are the benefits?? First of all the skin is cleansed, and through perspiration toxins and acids are eliminated. The neurovegetative system is stimulated improving the overall metabolism. On an aesthetic level, a reduction of cellulite and an improved elasticity of the fabrics are the best benefits you can get by combining the sauna to a healthy diet.

The Golden Park Hotel in Campitello has a large Finnish sauna, with 12-14 seats, made ​​entirely in fir wood and reaches 90 degrees with about 15-20% humidity.

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