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Steam bath

For those wishing to relax thanks with the beneficial properties of steam baths, we have a wellness room dedicated to that particular hydrotherapeutic treatment. The steam bath is a bath in a current of steam with a regular and continuous alternation between brief exposures to heat and cold. Very useful for those with circulatory problems and very useful to drain and detoxify the body from excess fluids; its where all the endocrine glands are stimulated with surprising results like: the adenohypophysis, the neurohypophysis, the thyroid and the adrenal glands. But it doesn’t lack the comfort of a spacious room full of comforts.

Our well-being room can accommodate between 8 to 10 people; it’s made ​​entirely of natural stone and is capable of reaching a temperature of up to 45-55 degrees, along with a moisture content of 90%. The vapour unleashed has a fragrance of eucalyptus and light therapy, in order to not neglect in detail also the beneficial properties of aromatherapy.

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